Garmin GPSmap 478 GPS Receiver Review – Don’t Buy Until You Read My Experience With Garmin 478!

Garmin GPSmap 478 GPS Receiver is the best land, road and sea GPS. I purchased it in March 2009 and all I can say is what an amazing GPS unit! I had many GPS devices for the same purposes before but this is certainly the best GPS device I have ever used. It is an excellent portable chart plotter and it absolutely works great in the car, on the sailboat and motorcycle. The mapping software coordinated with the GPS satellites is right on. For Road trips, this Garmin GPSmap 478 GPS Receiver is highly perfect with all of its POIs that is up to date. If you are always inclined to venture off the beaten track or venture off road; then this unit really drops “bread crumbs” so you can easily re-trace your trail all the way back which is always a good thing. I have already recommended Garmin GPSmap 478 GPS Receiver to all of my friends.

I was so surprised on how many addresses and waypoints are built in this amazing device. All markers, buoys and harbors I have needed were all already in the device system. Even both restaurant addresses where I have gone to in Chicago were already found in it.

The big number of page layouts that the device has are so great. It allows you even to customize every single page as well, so this makes it easily for you to monitor many things across a few pages or you can squeeze it all into only one page by choosing a multi-column layout. Now I don’t need to even look at my compass anymore as it updates the pages so frequently.

The XM Weather feature which I use both on my boat and motorcycle is absolutely outstanding. It is an advanced device and thus there is no other units such as Nuvi or Zumo can do everything that the 478 unit can do.

The new Garmin 640 is aimed to be a new upgrade for Garmin GPSmap 478 GPS Receiver, however do not be fooled into buying the 640 which is XM only combined with Marine mode, not Automotive mode because 640 is obviously a major downgrade in its functionality than 478. Also, the critically vital Tracks Routing /Saving function which the 478 has has been removed from the 640. Therefore the 478 undoubtedly rocks!

I was originally considering to use other devices of the same kind, but I am so glad that I came across this device because of its comprehensive functionality that I couldn’t find in other devices. I purchased my unit from Amazon but before that I checked many websites to compare the prices and Amazon certainly had the best price which I think is the best deal out there you will come across and in just a few days after placing my order they shipped it to me with their super saver free shipping.

Copyright (c) 2009 Chris John