Caribbean Honeymoon Destinations You Won’t Forget

What makes Caribbean destinations the top choice for honeymoon is the short plane ride from many places. Even if the honeymoon is just nine days or less, Caribbean honeymoons still brings the newlyweds timeless romance and bliss. It is filled with tropical ambience, romantic sceneries, powdery sands, turquoise waters and multitude of adventuresome activities. It has become a prime choice for many lovers and a premier destination for newlyweds, because in the Caribbean Islands, honeymoons are indeed bound to be most unforgettable.

There are many places in the Caribbean Islands that have captured the hearts of many newly-married couples. It runs in a long list but there are a few that can be mentioned here. So read on.

1. Antigua – Antigua, the sunniest part of the Eastern Caribbean, is one of the most popular destinations in the Caribbean Islands by couples who love sporty honeymoons. It is a beach for every time of the year where many have come to enjoy swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving and surfing. Trekkers fancy its winding coastlines and couples always love the splendor of its ocean view spas.

2. Aruba – Aruba is an island of smiles. High rated for having many repeat visitors, Aruba has been known to charm visitors for the friendliness and hospitality of its natives. The island also offers tropical splendors of long-stretched coastlines with glimmering white sands, palms and beach huts, Caribbean wildlife sanctuaries and exotic flora and fauna, magnificent coral reefs and enticing turquoise waters for surfing. Thus for honeymooners, Aruba sets a genuine tropical paradise for romance and bliss.

3. Grand Bahama – Since the first visit of Christopher Columbus, the Grand Bahama has enticed many visitors for being one of the most secluded beaches in the Caribbean Islands. This place is most adored by honeymooners for its natural attractions breed magnificent tranquility from the lush tangles of its mangrove swamps to the colorful carpet of its coral reefs. The place is truly a tropical paradise with many wildlife and flora and fauna that inhabit the island and sprawling network of tunnels and caves that many visitors love exploring. Nevertheless, for newlyweds the Grand Bahama breeds a true-blue adventure-filled honeymoon in the far side of the Caribbean region.

4. Jamaica – Jamaica, as depicted in many songs, is a beautiful place with numerous inland water forms. It is most popular to honeymooners because of its romantic falls, rivers and bays. This then makes it a popular destination for newlyweds who love romantic dates especially near rivers that cascade over numerous rock terraces or by a beautiful shimmering beach.

5. The Bahamas – An archipelago of many islands, the Bahamas offers newlyweds a wide range of exciting destinations from the historic haven of pirates in Nassau to the naturalist’s paradise in Inagua. These beautiful islands are most enchanting for the rich stories that color its past, culture and folklore. Newlyweds are sure to enjoy romantic affairs together as they get enthralled by natives about stories of pirates like Blackbeard and the mysterious holes of Andros. Bahamas as well offers inexhaustible pleasures of game fishing, sailing, scuba diving and snorkeling, activities that thrill-seeking couples would always enjoy.