12 Compelling Facts About Sedona, AZ

Thinking of visiting Sedona but aren’t completely sure? Get to know the city in Arizona a little better first. Whilst having an amazing natural beauty that beckons millions of tourists year-round, Sedona is also a spiritual place with a rich cultural history.

While Sedona houses well-known places of attractions such as Tlaquepaque, the Red Rock State Park and several Verde Valley wineries, it isn’t much fun traveling around the inspiring city without knowing something more than the average tourist.

Here are 12 interesting facts about Sedona that will make you plan your next vacation here.

1. The city of Sedona was named after its first Postmaster’s wife in early 1900’s.

2. Sedona receives an average of 330 days of sunshine in a year. That’s more than Florida, the Sunshine State.

3. Sedona looks amazing when it snows. The red rock formations are dusted with a majestic white.

4. There are more national parks and monuments in Arizona than any other state, and Sedona is near most of them.

5. Sedona has a rich Native American history. Archaeologists have found countless evidences of Paleo-Indians who were the first known humans to encounter Sedona’s region. Around 650 A.D, the Sinagua settled and prospered for several hundred years before abandoning the land for unknown reasons.

6. There is only one McDonald’s in the world with turquoise arches instead of the iconic golden arches, and that’s in Sedona. The trademark yellow clashed with the natural colors of Sedona’s beautiful landscape.

7. Sedona was a hot movie location after the 40’s through to the 70’s. Classic movies like Apache and Billy the Kid were filmed in the area, as well as over sixty other movies.

8. In 2012, the comedy-drama movie Sedona was the first feature film too be filmed completely in Sedona since the 70’s. Cast of the movie include Frances Fisher, Seth Peterson and Barry Corbin.

9. Sedona is known for its spiritual vortexes. A vortex is a funnel-shaped spiraling energy which can emanate a positive force, giving you an uplifting feeling days after you have left the site.

10. Sedona’s canyon walls exhibit nine layers of stone. They date back to different geological periods and span millions of years. The topmost layer

11. The famous red color of the rocks comes from the iron oxide (rust) which have stained the formation over a great period of time.

12. Sedona is a tourist hub with four million people visiting the city every year. Its population is just slightly upwards of 10,000.